Candela VelaShape III Laser Radiofrequency (RF) 




·         VContour Hand Piece

·         VSmooth Hand Piece

·         VContour Cover (2 x Large, 2 x Medium, 2 x Small)

·         VSmooth Cover x 2

·         System Key

·         Power Cord- 110V

·         Operators Manual


Product Description:


·         IR (infared light) technology

·         RF (bi-polar radio frequency) technology

·         Vaccum technology

·         Mechanical manipulation




·         Cellulite Reduction

·         Circumference Reduction


Type: Infared LEDs and Radio Frequency Power

Electrical: 100 VAC; 50/60 Hz; Single Phase

Light Spectrum: 850 nm

Applications: Cellulite and Circumferential reduction.

Handpiece Options: VSmooth and VContour


This item has been used (less than 100hrs) but is in excellent condition. Having to sell due to closing of business.

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